My Top 10 Favorite Ways to Procrastinate


When it comes to writing I will do almost anything to avoid actually doing it. Today I share with you my personal favorite ways to procrastinate.  Leave me a note and let me know how you procrastinate.

  1. Take pictures of my dogs and post them on Facebook. Check back every five minutes to see if anyone “likes” my photos. Fantasize about becoming world famous pet photographer.  
  2. Get a baggy of Jelly Bellys. Eat them one at a time and see if I can guess what flavor they are. Fantasize about becoming candy maker like Willy Wonka.
  3.  Scour internet for recipes I will never make. Pin them to my Pinterest board called “Yummy.” Fantasize about competing on MasterChef and having torrid affair with Joe Bastianich.
  4. Watch Real Housewives of New Jersey. Fantasize I am one of the housewives and reenact all their fights while including my amazing insights and zingers that put them in their place.
  5. Go on Ebay. Bid on crap I don’t need like belt buckles that make me laugh. Fantasize I have way more money than I do… which always leads to…
  6. Go on real estate websites. Look up most expensive mansions in America. Fantasize I live in one.
  7. Play WordsWithFriends. Lose nearly every time. Fantasize that I crush anyone who challenges me.
  8. Wake dogs up from nap and make them cuddle with me. Fantasize that I am the next Cesar Millan with dogs that respect me as a confident pack leader and not just an annoying simpleton who picks up their poop.
  9. Stare into space. Fantasize that I am BFF’s with Oprah.
  10. Write useless lists to post on my blog. Fantasize that post goes viral and I am interviewed on Good Morning America.